Welcome to Nuremberg

Accommodations in Nuremberg

Each team is responsible for paying their own expenses, including all transportation costs and hotel accommodations. Moot Teams fundraise by asking their university, companies, and law firms to contribute.

During the Moot Court, the students can stay at hotels or guesthouses. Most of the hotels are situated close to the historical center of Nuremberg, so the participants will have many opportunities to explore the city in their free time.

Shared dormitories are available at a price of 23 or 30 Euro/person/night (without breakfast) at the Kolpinghaus N├╝rnberg e.V., Kolpinggasse 23-27, 90402 Nuremberg:
nuernberg.kolpinghaeuser.eu/lage-und-anfahrt (Website - only in German)

Breakfast costs 5 Euro; breakfast is not available on Saturday and Sunday. For reservations please contact Ms. Sabine Schenk-Schaefer:

Please mention that you are a participant of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2017.


Music festival from July 28th until 30st in Nuremberg

Nuremberg's largest annual event, the well-known "Bardentreffen" music festival, will overlap with the dates of the Nuremberg Moot Court. Participants of the moot court will have the opportunity to enjoy live music sourced from around the world in their free time. Eight different stages will be spread throughout the old city, with more than 200,000 visitors gathering to celebrate world music artists and singer-songwriters.

Photo Release/Consent

Participants in the Nuremberg Moot Court give the International Nuremberg Principles Academy authorization to document their or their team's written or spoken work, through the medium of audio and/or visual recordings and photographs. The Nuremberg Principles Academy and the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg have permission to reproduce material derived from the event for educational and/or promotional purposes. If you wish to decline or discuss your consent to the above, please contact us.

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