General Information for Applicants

The Oral Rounds of the Nuremberg Moot Court 2020 have been canceled due to COVID-19. For more information, please click here.

Visa Application Procedure

Please note that appointments with Embassies in charge of processing Schengen visas are scarce in some countries. In order to secure an appointment on time, we strongly advise you to check the Embassies’ available appointments, even before you receive the final results. We recommend you book an appointment as soon as possible (the appointment should not be earlier than 8 June 2020). Do not forget to cancel it if your team does not advance to the oral rounds.

Check the relevant Embassies website for the procedure and list of necessary documents and start preparing your application as soon as possible. We will send an invitation letter to the selected team members and coach shortly after you have confirmed your participation in the Nuremberg Moot Court on 1 June 2020.

Important note: Be sure that names and gender of team members and coach are spelt correctly on your online account. This data will be used for the preparation of the invitation letters and Nuremberg Moot Court material. Changes will not be accepted after 1 June 2020.